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Treidgen Services

We take service seriously. Each technician at Treidgen is trained on our standards of cleanliness and a strict code of conduct. We approach each home and property with care and a goal of leaving it better than we found it. We emphasize the word “service” to our staff. Service goes beyond completing the task at hand. It is in the little things like bringing in trash cans from the curb after we have finished sealing pavers, or wearing booties while entering a home without being asked or told. It is helping our fellow man during a crisis and always seeking opportunities to serve our community.   

Everything Pavers

Interlocking paver stones are a beautiful enhancement to any home or property.  Our installation team follows ICPI standards and strives to provide quality craftsmanship that will last for years to come. With the beautiful enhancement of natural stone hardscaping, comes the necessary maintenance in order to protect and maintain the rich color of these natural stones.  Treidgen offers quality cleaning services for interlocking pavers and premium sealants to enhance the natural color. We have a tried, tested and proven cleaning and sealing system that will protect, and enhance the natural color of the stones. For damaged or discolored pavers, Treidgen is the leader in Paver Restoration services. We can safely remove bad sealer that has turned pavers white, remove oil stains, rust stains, and efflorescence.

Concrete Coatings

Decorative concrete coatings are environmentally friendly and ideally suited for residential, commercial, industrial concrete applications. Primarily for high traffic areas that need to withstand heavier use than most flooring. Our concrete coatings treat industrial and commercial floors that need extra protection against foot and vehicle traffic, offers a antimicrobial and slip resistant surface, as a well moisture control technology. You can learn more about these services at treidgenconcretecoatings.com   

Property Maintenance

Treidgen’s Property Maintenance division focuses on cleaning and maintenance for commercial properties, residential communities, recreation areas, etc.  Our comprehensive list of services takes care of things like cleaning the grounds of trash and debris, emptying exterior trash bins, pet waste removal, graffiti removal, junk removal and trash outs, etc.  Click the link below for a full list of property maintenance services.  

TREIDGEN HomeServices

Treidgen HomeServices offers worry free living to homeowners by combining those necessary home maintenance services such as filter changes and batteries with unique luxury services such as a Backyard Butler all serviced by one vendor.


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