Pool Renovations

Embarking on pool renovations is an exciting journey that revitalizes and transforms aquatic spaces into contemporary havens of leisure. The process typically begins with a thorough assessment of the existing pool, identifying areas that require improvement or modernization. Renovations may encompass a variety of aspects, including resurfacing the pool interior with new plaster, upgrading the tile around water lines, replacing or upgrading coping & pool decking, lighting and adding custom drainage and irrigation such as hidden deco drains, paver drains. With a focus on both functionality and aesthetics, pool renovations not only breathe new life into tired aquatic spaces but also create an inviting and luxurious retreat for relaxation and entertainment.

What We Offer:

  • Pool Tile

    Re-tiling your pool around the water lines is a meticulous process that brings both aesthetic refinement and structural durability to aquatic spaces. This renovation effort involves carefully selecting tiles that not only withstand constant exposure to water and chemicals but also contribute to the overall visual appeal of the pool. The tiles chosen are often slip-resistant and resilient to the harsh elements present in pool environments. The installation process requires precision to ensure a watertight seal, preventing any potential leaks. Beyond functionality, the aesthetic impact is substantial, as the new tiles can dramatically enhance the pool’s appearance. Whether opting for a classic and clean look or experimenting with vibrant patterns, re-tiling around the water lines provides an opportunity to revitalize the pool’s visual appeal while maintaining the structural integrity essential for long-term enjoyment and functionality.

  • Pool Plaster

    Re-plastering a pool is a rejuvenating process that rejuvenates both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the aquatic space. Over time, pool plaster can wear down, becoming stained, cracked, or uneven, compromising the pool’s visual appeal and integrity. Re-plastering involves removing the old plaster, preparing the surface, and applying a fresh layer of high-quality pool plaster. This not only addresses any structural issues but also transforms the pool’s appearance, giving it a smooth and inviting finish. Our customers have the flexibility to choose from various plasters & finishes, ranging from classic white to more contemporary options, allowing for personalization to match the desired aesthetic. Beyond the cosmetic benefits, re-plastering enhances the pool’s durability, ensuring a watertight seal and resistance to chemicals, ultimately extending the lifespan of the pool and providing a refreshed and inviting aquatic environment for years to come.

  • Coping & Pool Deck Removal & Installation

    Undertaking coping and pool deck replacement is a comprehensive renovation that breathes new life into the entire pool area. Coping, the material that borders the pool’s edge, is not only a critical functional element for water containment but also a design feature that enhances the pool’s aesthetic. Pool deck replacement involves revamping the area surrounding the pool, extending the renovation’s impact beyond the water’s edge. This process often includes selecting durable and weather-resistant materials for coping, such as natural stone, pavers, or concrete, to ensure longevity and visual appeal. Simultaneously, the pool deck replacement provides an opportunity to upgrade the space with modern, slip-resistant surfaces that enhance safety and comfort. The synergy between the coping and pool deck creates a cohesive and visually striking environment, transforming the entire pool area into an inviting oasis for relaxation and social gatherings.

  • Custom Drainage & Hidden Deco Drains, Paver Drains

    Custom drainage solutions, particularly incorporating hidden deco drains and paver drains, represent a sophisticated approach to managing water flow and enhancing the aesthetics of outdoor spaces. These innovative drainage systems are designed to efficiently redirect water away from surfaces while seamlessly blending with the overall landscape. Hidden deco drains, concealed beneath the surface, not only prevent water pooling but also maintain a visually clean and unobtrusive appearance. Paver drains, integrated within the paved surfaces, contribute to a seamless and uniform look while effectively managing runoff. The customization of these drainage systems allows for both functionality and style, ensuring that outdoor spaces not only remain free of water-related issues but also boast a polished and cohesive design. With a focus on both form and function, custom drainage solutions with hidden deco drains and paver drains elevate the overall aesthetic and usability of outdoor environments.custom drainage and hidden deco drains, paver drains