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Decorative concrete coatings are environmentally friendly and ideally suited for residential, commercial, industrial concrete applications. Primarily for high traffic areas that need to withstand heavier use than most flooring. Our concrete coatings treat industrial and commercial floors that need extra protection against foot and vehicle traffic, offers a antimicrobial and slip resistant surface, as a well moisture control technology. You can learn more about these services at 

What We Offer:


    Metallic epoxy floors are quite possibly the hottest flooring system on the market for commercial and residential properties. Our new Metallic Marble Stain combines the industrial strength of epoxy with specially formulated metallic pigments which goes above and beyond traditional concrete staining. The luster and depth of a three-dimensional color product produces will amaze everyone that enters your business or home. The satin coating is a high gloss finish which creates an exciting new look of modern elegance. Our trained technicians can include a slip resistance additive to prevent injuries or falls, as well as UV blockers, so you don’t need to worry about ugly discoloration. The results are amazing! The beauty and depth of this floor will enhance your business or home like no other.


    Graniflex Flakes is a decorative and highly durable concrete coating. It is primarily used to customize garage floors, shop floors, commercial kitchen areas, etc. Graniflex is an attractive option for high performance flooring, especially when a concrete floors need the added protection of a moisture controlling system. Graniflex is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after coatings on the market today for homeowners wanting a custom look, or businesses looking for durable, non-slip option for custom flooring. Graniflex is the perfect application for pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, garage floors, kitchen areas, restrooms, living areas and more. Useful for both exterior or interior!


    Polishing concrete requires the use of a mechanical grinder that utilizes industrial diamonds to impregnating hardeners and sealers in order to level, densify, polish, and seal concrete floors. The polishing process brings out the natural beauty of concrete by smoothing the surface creating a beautiful finished look to traditional concrete. In addition to the extensive life cycle and cost efficiency of concrete flooring, polishing concrete floors offer a number of added benefits. The options of aggregates, dyes, acid staining, and custom graphics provide limitless options to creating a luxury finish. Treidgen technicians can transform large concrete areas into clean, colorful, durable, functional flooring.