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Property Maintenance Services

In Property Manangement, Image is Everything!

Let us do the dirty work and ensure that your property stays in pristine condition.

Why Our Property Maintenance division is unique…

This combined list of services has never before been offered by one vendor. We pride ourselves on setting industry standards and are always seeking new opportunities to serve our customers and clients. These exclusive services are now available upon request or provided continuous maintenance schedule of your choice.

Now that we have bragged about our fully comprehensive property maintenance superpowers, it’s time to show you our cards. We have spent years perfecting, and hours dreaming of new ways to streamline services to customers without the hassle of calling a different vendor for each service needed.  We call it the The Treidgen Way. The Treidgen Way more than simply streamlining multiple services. It’s about creating a process and a system that denotes a worry free maintenance service for commercial and residential communities.  

For commercial and residential communities, we able to provide a premium exterior cleaning services. We remove trash and debris from the groundswell well as general maintenance throughout such as change burnt out bulbs or replace door handles. We couple this service with our pressure washing division to provide routine pressure washings services for community pool decks, dumpsters and dumpster corrals, parking lots, graffiti removal and more. Our Basic Landscaping Service is only offered to our monthly property maintenance customers. We offering a simple landscape maintenance service to mow, blow and edge the grounds landscaping.  While taking care of the trash, debris, and landscaping, we even pick up poop.  Our Pooper Scooper Service to properly remove pet waste from the grounds. Whew, and lastly, we have a trained pest control technician to perform routine preventative pest control throughout the property on a rotating basis. How do we keep track of all of these services? We have developed a system to self generate work orders for each individual service on your chosen schedule. These rotating work orders can easily be changed to accommodate scheduling changes such as holidays or special occasions.  Treidgen is leading the way in property maintenance services, making it a simple and easy task to maintain your property.

Here is a list of services available through Treidgen Industries to clean and maintain your property

  • Walk the entire grounds and sweep or blow any trash throughout the grounds and dispose of properly
  • Junk Removal and Trash Out service for most household items or minor demolition  
  • Clean dumpster areas by sweeping or blowing loose trash and return it to the receptacle
  • Pressure wash dumpsters and dumpster corrals on a rotating basis
  • Pooper Scooper service to properly dispose of any pet waste throughout the property
  • Police the grounds and report and problems to the appropriate person
  • Minor handyman repairs such as replacing common area light bulbs
  • Clean and sanitize community clubhouses, pool restrooms and exterior shower areas
  • Wipe down and arrange pool furniture
  • Empty exterior trash receptacles
  • Sweep, blow, or pressure wash pool decks, parking stalls, lots, and multi-level parking garages
  • Resurfacing and restriping parking lots and roadways
  • Minor landscape maintenance service complete with mow, blow, and edge
  • Preventative pest control service on a rotating basis
  • Graffiti Abatement