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Paver Installation

Interlocking Pavers 

Our paver installation team can help you beautify your outdoor living spaces with an elegant collection of stone pavers, retaining walls, patio stones and edging. Our stone paver installation services can transform boring desert landscapes into beautiful exterior living spaces. Our paver design team can help inspire design ideas whether you’re looking to add some old world charm to your patio, or contemporary flair to your walkway, professional paver installation can enhance your outdoor living spaces.

The applications for pavers are endless. With a little imagination, our paver installation team is able to create an outdoor living space that is all your own. Design a scenic, eye-catching walkway that leads to a beautiful backyard oasis. Paver stones come in a variety of hues, textures, shapes, sizes, and thickness allow you to have unlimited possibilities. Transform your desert yard to an exterior entertaining area complete with a paver pool deck which creates a relaxing spa-like feel.  Then rest by the stone fireplace surrounding by a gorgeous garden supported by a stone retaining wall. While enjoying your new desert oasis, you can count on unsurpassed strength and flexibility that can withstand the test of time. Concrete pavers can withstand the forces of weather, water and traffic. Their highly permeable surface is designed to absorb moisture allowing them to withstand hot and cold conditions.  Paver sealants can help protect and enhance the natural color of the stones after installation is complete.  

Stone Planters

Treidgen offers a variety of hardscape installation which often serve as the focal point of your exterior living spaces. Our design team can help create an outdoor living space that is both inviting and stylish by utilizing the natural slopes of the terrain to create retaining walls. Retaining walls add depth and dimension exterior spaces. They can be used as planter areas to bring that touch of green to your desert and stone landscaping.  Our professional hardscape  and paver installers can create free standing retaining walls. Free standing retaining walls help separate large spaces or can create exterior seating areas around your stone fireplace or fire pit. With a wide range of colors, shapes, and textures available, you can create a custom exterior living space that enhance the natural surroundings of our beautiful desert terrain.  Turn  land often turn what was once unusable space into a focal point, a grand entrance, or step out onto a custom patio. Just like the paver stones, retaining and freestanding wall systems are built to be long lasting, durable, and extremely resilient even under the most adverse environmental conditions. The Treidgen team also offers paver sealants, and waterproof coatings for retaining walls to help prevent the leakage of calcium build-up due to hard water.  

Exterior Fireplace and Fire Pit

Treidgen pavers installers can transform your exterior living space with your choice of a stone fireplace or a stone fire pit. Create a focal point in your exterior that you and guests can gather around.  Whether you prefer a large elegant fireplace or a small rustic fire pit, our paver design team can help bring to life the look and feel of an exterior living space you are sure to enjoy year after year.  Gather around a cozy firepit for S’mores or enjoy the warmth and ambience of a grand fireplace. Combined free standing retaining walls to creating exterior seating around your paver patio. Hardscaping can extend your living area to gorgeous exterior spaces that were once ugly unusable space. Our design team offers free estimates for all paver and hardscape installations. Schedule an appointment today for your free estimate and transform your property into a favorite gathering spot for years to come.

Paver Maintenance 

Paver Cleaning

Interlocking pavers are always a beautiful enhancement to a property. In order to keep them looking beautiful, they must be maintained. Treidgen has raised the bar when it comes to cleaning and maintaining interlocking pavers. We specialize in removing dirt, grime, oil stains, rust, efflorescence, etc. from the surface of the pavers allowing the natural color of the stones to be visible once again.  All pavers cleanings are performed using high powered pressure washers and turbo scrubbers along with commercial grade soaps and degreasers to lift heavy stains from the pavers porous surface. Once the cleaning has been completed, our technicians re-sand the paver joints per ICPI standards to the stability and life of the paving stones.

Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Sealants offer a beautiful enhancement and a layer of protection to your existing interlocking pavers. Once interlocking paver stones are sealed, they can keep that brilliant and vibrant natural color all year round. Imagine how colorful a river rock is when it is wet, then how dull it seems once it has dried again. Our sealer also acts as an added layer of protection from sun exposure, dirt, and grime that can leave pavers looking dingy after time.    

Treidgen uses only top of the line commercial grade sealants that do not turn white or flake over time. Protect the enhancement to your property and have a Treidgen professional clean and seal your pavers.

Paver Restoration

Treidgen has developed a tried, tested, and proven system for restoring interlocking pavers. Paver cleanings can removing all dirt, grime, tire marks, but not bad sealant. We receive numerous calls every year from homeowners that have had the unfortunate experience of having the wrong company seal their pavers.  Bad sealer make the paver stones turn white over time, it can even flake and peel leaving your beautiful pavers an eye sore to your property. Let a Treidgen professional restore your pavers to their natural color and luster once again. Our Paver Specialists can remove dirt, grime, oil stains, bad sealer, and even chemical burns. Any pavers that are damaged or soiled beyond repair can easily be removed and replaced with new pavers according to ICPI standards.


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