Property Maintenance Services


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Let us do the dirty work and ensure that your property stays in pristine condition.


Commercial and Community (Areas) Properties

Walk the inner grounds each visit to remove any debris
Maintain all dumpster sites
Pick up any visible pet waste
Police grounds and report any problems
Replace common area light bulbs
Clean and sanitize restrooms and shower areas
Arrange pool furniture
Empty all trash cans
Sweep, blow, or pressure wash pool deck
Sweep, blow, or pressure wash parking stalls
Floor restoration (marble, tile, granite, flagstone, concrete, etc.)
Resurfacing and restriping parking lots and roadways
Landscape maintenance
Pest control


Handyman Services

Our handymen can fix just about anything. From hanging file folders or shelving in offices, to fixing screen doors, replacing broken fixtures, changing light bulbs, drywall repair, to painting and flooring. We offer services to our commercial accounts as well as work with realtors and property management companies to ensure that your property stays in pristine condition.


Residential Estates

A backyard oasis in Las Vegas is a wonderful feature to enjoy at your home, but how often do you need to remove the layer of dust that comes from living in the desert? Many residences fall into that nook of no service when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their large properties exterior.

The housemaids do not usually clean patios or patio furniture, and the landscape technician certainly is not going to grab a broom or a rag. We offer a full service solution to large estates. Our cleaning technicians can help maintain your backyard oasis by sweeping off patio decks, wiping down all patio furniture, countertops and outdoor appliances.

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