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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Abatement The Treidgen Way

Graffiti has long been a part of the social aspect throughout history. Despite the occasional pieces which may be deemed as street art, most instances of graffiti are an unsightly nuisance that can disputed business as well as being aesthetically displeasing.  Most governments have seen graffiti as detrimental, and have even outlawed the practice.  Although the city is responsible for removing public tags and graffiti in order to maintain the beautification of our city, it often falls on business owners, property managers, and homeowners to remove graffiti from their privately owned properties. Graffiti removal is offered as a part of our property maintenance services on a routine basis, or we can service properties on an as needed basis.  

Treidgen’s Method of Graffiti Abatement

Treidgen has a tried, tested, and proven system of removing graffiti from just about any surface.  Our trained technicians can remove graffiti from block walls, building exteriors, windows, signage, concrete, etc. Our graffiti removal system will not leave remnants of the graffiti over time such as traditional methods of paint covering. This method involves painting over the graffiti, so that it can no longer be seen. This is considered a low costs method and has been used widely as an method of not removing, but covering the graffiti. However, over time the negative effects of this removal method begin to appear and it eventually develops a “patchwork effect” on the surface. If this method is used regularly on the same wall or surface, the paint will begin to peel, which is why Treidgen’s method of graffiti removal offers an effective long term result for graffiti removal.