About Us

Everyday The Treidgen Way

TREIDGEN Industries was born from a burning desire for change. Change from the status quo, the rules, and under appreciation. We decided to create change through Treidgen. We simply operate different than other contractors. We believe in saying what we do, and doing what we say. We believe in providing quality work, offering competitive prices, and providing excellent customer service. We believe in creating a professional environment that revolves around people not profits, enriching lives not corporations. We tried to capture the voice of Treidgen by creating 13 core values that embody the traits and qualities that we seek in our ourselves as well as each employee. This is what we consider Everyday The Treidgen Way

Change meant we didn’t fit in the same box as our competitors. So, we built a business model completely different from our competitors. We Took the idea of “buying in bulk” and translated it into the world of service rather than product. The idea to bundle services allowed us to create a comprehensive list of property maintenance services that clean and maintain commercial and residential properties. Gone is the need to find multiple vendors to take care of one property. Treidgen’s business model is centered around alleviating time and stress by creating a worry-free service. We continue to search and study for new ways to innovate streamlining property maintenance services.

The name Treidgen derived from the late Emperor Trajan, who was the 13th emperor of Rome. He was a powerful and beloved ruler and while under his reign, Rome was at its most prosperous. We wanted to emulate this great ruler and create a business model that our clients would love, our employees would be dedicated to, and our community would benefit from. This great ruler is remembered for his philanthropic acts as well as presiding over one of the greatest eras of peace and prosperity. When we started this business, we set out to shake up an industry. With a desire to innovative an industry, we believe Treidgen will lead through change.

Who We Are:

Las Vegas Natives

As Las Vegas natives, we have a great pride in our city. As a company, and individually, we have made it a priority to participate in local charities and service projects. If you would like to be involved in our charity and service events, please contact us.

Our Culture

We are a family owned and operated company, taking pride in the services we provide and convey this to our employees. Each member of our staff is trained the TREIDGEN WAY with Honesty, Integrity and Excellence to follow our procedures, safety guidelines as well as maintaining the quality of work we are known for.

Executive Team:

Jessica Reber

Managing Partner

Ben Reber


Treidgen’s Core Values:

  • Change

    Change is inevitable, but we strive to embrace it rather than shun from it. We dare to be different from our competitors. We don’t follow the standard, we set it.
  • Quality

    Quality is our number one core value because it is the foundation of our companies values. It is the greatest aspect that separates us from our competitors. We pride ourselves on providing a premium service to our clients and ensure the highest level of quality by providing routine quality control inspections.
  • Customer Service

    Customers are King. They are the driving force to businesses and their satisfaction is paramount. We strive to give our customers a great service experience and the peace of mind in knowing that we will care for their property as we could care for our own.
  • Accessibility

    Technology is ever changing our future, from the way we shop, to the way we communicate with one another. We have embraced the changing times of this dinosaur industry, and have implemented a software that allows our commercial clients access to their own facility information and are easily able to request any services needed. We have not give up on the traditional dialing of the phone.
  • Growth and Learning

    Growth is an essential to life. We are always seeking for more knowledge, new innovations, and a deeper understanding of our clients and our employees. We encourage and challenge our staff to seek education and personal growth.
  • Respect

    Every client and employee matters. We believe in treating everyone with honor and respect. Each employee is a representation of TREIDGEN INDUSTRIES. Your uniform is your armor and should be worn with pride.
  • Community

    Being natives to this great city, we take pride in our city and are passionate about being involved in the betterment of our community. Our sense of brotherhood extends beyond the employees and embraces the sameness of our neighbors too.
  • Fun (in a safe manor)

    Studies have shown that laughter has healing powers to the mind, body and soul. At TREIDGEN INDUSTRIES we believe in enjoying the work we do. Don’t be afraid to add a little fun into each cleaning.
  • Humble

    We hold our heads high with and take pride in the work we provide, but we never lose site our our commonality. Every position within TREIDGEN INDUSTRIES is an important cog in the wheel of all our success.
  • Team/Family Spirit

    Teamwork is essential to our business. Each position within the company provides an important part of the overall product. When we have the same purpose and work for the same goal, we can accomplish great things. We take pride in our work and pass along the positivity of praise and encouragement to each other. That brotherhood promotes a warmth and equality toward each other, regardless of our differences.
  • Take Ownership

    We believe that taking ownership of ourselves and our choices is a noble act. Our employees are not another number but a member of the TREIDGEN family. Each member should take ownership and pride in the quality service we provide to our community.
  • Communication

    Open communication is key in any relationship. Employees as well as clients should have the ability to communicate openly and honestly at all times. We believe in an open door policy for employees, subcontractors, and clients.
  • Loyalty

    Building lasting relationships is key to having long term customer loyalty, and dedicated employees. We believe in keeping our commitments and honoring our obligations to our community, our customers, and our staff.

This is Everyday The Treidgen Way